How to Dig for Sand Crabs.

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“My most frequent childhood memory of growing up at the beach, was running down to the water’s edge, and as the water would pull away from shore, you’d dig and dig at the air bubbles, and eventually you’d find them! Sometimes they were small little babies- even smaller than your pinky fingernail, and sometimes you’d find an adult- about the size of half your thumb! We would collect them for the day in our buckets, and play and dig with them, and then put them back when it was time to go home. They would always wiggle right back down under the sand.

Emily (aka Pip the Beach Cat’s Mom)

How to Dig for Sand Crabs:

  1. Get a bucket and a shovel- or use your hands!
  2. Go down to the ocean, and stand right at the water’s edge.
  3. Full up your bucket with wet sand and some ocean water.
  4. Then look around you, when the water pulls away, do you see air bubbles in the sand? Find an area that is wet sand, but when you sit down you won’t constantly get knocked down by waves.
  5. Then, start digging! You don’t need to dig more than a foot down into the sand to find them!
  6. Look at the difference in colors, shapes, and sizes of our beloved sand crabs. Keep some in your bucket for a while- but make sure you don’t take them home!
  7. Eventually return them all to the wet sand where you found them, and you’ll see them wiggle back underground.

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  1. Anna Burgard says:

    Baby Pip looking in the hole for telltale air holes is the cutest thing!!

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