A Boardwalk Food Crawl!

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Okay, okay, this is probably too much food for a one-day crawl, although I guess you could just get one little serving and split it between your family! All the treats listed here are available on the Ocean City Boardwalk, but many have off the boardwalk locations as well so you can work them into other parts of your trip! These are not ranked, but rather match the numbers that we used in the opening photo! Many of these have multiple locations- but we made a map to show you how to visit all of them within walking distance.

1. Fractured Prune’s OC Sand Donut

You may not know this, since they have so many locations now, but The Fractured Prune was born in Ocean City back in 1976. We actually know the people that started it, but they have since sold the business and it is now a franchised company. Get a dozen different donuts if it’s your first time and try them all. But if you are only going to get one, OC Sand, the classic, all the way. Like I said there’s a lot of different locations, so just find the closest one to you. You’ll order and they’ll give you a playing card, when they call your card that means your order is ready. It’s an old-school, but highly effective way to organize! And they make each donut fresh to order, every time, there’s nothing like it!

2. Candy Kitchen’s Gummies

Candy Kitchen’s endless displays of sugary confections, let’s you mix and match your favorite gummies into the perfect paper bag full of sweetness. Sour Patch Fruit Salad or Red Laces are our go-to choices, but I’m sure you have your favorites as well.  From classic choices like Swedish Fish, to ocean themed gummy octopuses or sharks, let your little pink cardboard box runneth over. I’d list the locations, but I don’t think WordPress gives me enough room, you’ll find one, I promise.  And just like many of the other businesses we highlight here, the business is still run by the original owners some eighty-two years later. 

3 & 5. Funnel cakes and deep fried Oreos from Golden Plate

If you’re looking for that greasy deep-fried fairground food, like funnel cakes or deep-fried oreos or twinkies, then King’s is the place to be! Get a funnel cake and have a seat on the boardwalk to people-watch all night!

4. Julia’s Cannolis

If there’s one thing on this food list that we actually go out of our way to get ourselves a few times a summer, it’s Julia’s Cannolis! What more can I say, they’re the best cannolis I’ve ever had, and I’m going to tell you the truth here- I’ve gone to Julia’s on more than one occasion to get cannolis for my family as a surprise, and they didn’t make it home! Sorry fam! They really are that good.

6. Kohr Brother’s Custard

I’m not saying that you should binge on dairy while you’re in town, butttttt can we really tell you to get Dumser’s Ice Cream, and then just leave out Kohr Brother’s Custard? I think not! So while I recommend going hand-scooped at Dumser’s- that’s not an option here, so get that soft-serve custard in a homemade waffle cone, and get that thing dipped in sprinkles!!!!!!! I mean you don’t even need to eat it, just put it on your Instagram. [Full disclosure, Kohr Bros. originated in Coney Island, not Ocean City.]


7. Dumser’s Ice Cream

This homemade hand-scooped ice cream is you best bet if you’re in town. It’s flagship location is of course on the boardwalk, but you can now find Dumser’s Dairylands all over town! It’s been around since 1939 when Gladys Dumser opened that first store, and the Timmons family has owned every location since, preserving the family tradition of homemade ice cream. Get hand-scooped, add some hot fudge, and peanut butter- heck, if I’m really being honest here, I’d make sure you are at one of the locations where you can sit down (I prefer 49th street because you can sit outside)- and get a banana split! I’m not sure if you can get a banana split outside, but I know you can inside, and since I’ve already let most of you super into my life already, I’ll go ahead and give you my banana split order. Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream with Hot Fudge; Banana Ice Cream with Peanut Butter sauce; and oreo crush with Crushed Oreo Cookies. Also did you know that if you go to Dumser’s in West Ocean City with your Pip or your Pup (ha!) you can get a free Pip Cone! It’s ice cream for dogs! Or as we like to call it, a Pip Cone 😉

8. Thrasher’s French Fries


Thrasher’s has been around since the late 1920’s, and was a pretty unheard of concept at the time. Mr. J.T. Thrasher, who came from Georgia, wanted to open up a food stand that only sold one thing. People thought he was crazy, but he persisted, with the only goal being to produce the best french fry that there ever was or will be. Interestingly enough the operation was originally run by a group of young girls. Legend has it that even though there are now 3 locations, only the original Thrasher’s at the Pier produces the best tasting french fry in the world. Which is why there is almost always a line there, while the other two locations (at 2nd street and 8th street) rarely have a wait- and if you’re lucky you’ll pass by me right next to the 2nd street one!

9. Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy

I told you we’re going to take the guesswork out of the specifics right? Sure Dolle’s has amazing candies, caramels, chocolates, and more. But one thing they’ve always done better than anybody else, is Salt Water Taffy. A couple of years ago, if not just last year, they came out with a new flavor, Vanilla Sea Salt, oh boy, I’ll tell ya, it’s the best salt water taffy you’ll ever have in your life. You’ll find a sprinkle of salt inside each piece of homemade vanilla taffy, resulting in something even better than salted caramel. The Dolle’s family first came to Ocean City in 1906, looking for somewhere to put their hand-carved carousel, by 1910 they had bought a small salt water taffy stand and Dolle’s Candyland was born. And guess what the Dolle family still owns and operates the company to this day, and are an amazing part of our local community! While the flagship location on the boardwalk is the most iconic, there are several other locations that might better suit someone that is specifically just going to Dolle’s, as these other locations offer free parking lots. The flagship store is on the boardwalk, just across from Thrasher’s, on Wicomico Street.  And the other locations are in West Ocean City, 120th Street, and the 67th street town center.

10. Snowballs from the Boardwalk orrrrr take a trip!

We interupt this boardwalk food tour with a detour to the best snowballs in Ocean City. However, if you would like to stay on the boardwalk, go get a sugary sweet classic snocone from King’s Cotton Candy Stand.

But back to your detour! Our favorite little stand is technically in Berlin/Ocean Pines, but trust us, it’s worth the drive. From the insane flavor list to the impeccable customer service- just go.  I have so much trouble making up my mind about which flavor to get that I often get one mini size to start, and another one after that! Tiger’s Blood with Marshmallow or Black Cherry with a Dash of Almond and Marshmallow are my go to order. But classic rainbow never disappoints either. And if you think Almond is a weird flavor, don’t knock it until you try it- it’s like a summery almond spritz cookie!

Now if you can’t make it to Ocean Pines (but again- just go) You can always stop by Noah’s Sno Ball Shack. Or heck, do what we do and stop at both in one day! Seriously we’ve done that. What’s great about Noah’s is that they’ve come up with a bunch of really fun recipes that combine lots of different flavors.

Is it even summer if you haven’t had a snowball yet?

11. Fisher’s Popcorn


Those 1930’s were a good decade for Ocean City! Fisher’s has been making popcorn since 1937 when Everett Fisher opened the first store on the corner of Talbot Street and the boardwalk. It’s still family run by the Fisher’s- only a select few know the full recipe, and while they still specialize in their original caramel popcorn made in special copper kettles, they now also have tons and tons of other flavors. And unlike most of the food on this list, you can actually have it delivered to your house!

12. Pizzzzzaaaaaaaa!

So we’re going to give you two favorites here to choose from, for either a quick grab and go bite, or a sit and have a meal, The Dough Roller and Tony’s Pizza are the best spots on the boardwalk . The biggest difference? Tony’s Pizza has a rooftop deck, so you can eat your pizza and stare out at the ocean at the same time; but Dough Roller has a very nostalgic indoor space. So choose which sounds better to you, but they are both locally owned and freshly made.

Also totally worth a stop for a boardwalk treat (but didn’t make our illustration)….


The Wrapper

Now I’m not saying you have to eat a Wrapper late-night, but if you find yourself on the boardwalk a little late, and a little hungry, oh boy does a wrapper taste good! Don’t know what a wrapper is? Well- it’s a soft pretzel wrapped around a filling of your choice! There’s sweet, there’s savory, and we can never decide which one! The peanut butter and jelly has always been one of our favorites; as well as, the cheesesteak or ham and cheese options. The Wrapper is between Somerset and Dorchester Streets on the Boardwalk.

Jessica’s Fudge

We can’t pinpoint when Jessica’s first emerged onto the scene, but it had to of been when I was a kid, while I also love Dolle’s fudge, Jessica’s has always our go to fudge place. So for nostalgia purposes, this is who we recommend, we won’t tell you which flavor to get, they’re all good!

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