Businesses that We Recommend!

Throughout this journey with Pip, we have had a lot of ups and downs, but for the many businesses that have laughed at us, or refused to take us seriously, there’s always been the ones that supported us and our mission. And we wanted to create a space to thank them. While we of course recommend all the businesses that we will be highlighting throughout our website- these are a special few that have invited Pip to be a part of their company- even if just for a day!

Our Favorite Pizza!

Toast Cafe in West Ocean City opened just a little while ago, but we were fans of their pizza immediately.

Ocean Gallery World Center

Ocean Gallery has amazing iconic paintings of Ocean City, Maryland, plus any of your other art needs! Beautiful frames, posters, beach-themed or not! There truly is something for everyone here! Plus it’s where we hold our nightly meet and greets every night in the summer!

They even have their own documentary now that you can view for  free on Amazon Prime!

Bethany Massage and Healing Arts

Looking for a rainy day, or relaxing day activity during your vacation?! Look no further than Bethany Massage and Healing Arts.  We were really nervous about making this video, but the team at Bethany Massage invited Pip in for some pampering and we didn’t want to deprive the little guy, so we gave it a go… Turns out that the professionals really know what they are doing, and even the feisty Pip- who is literally a kitten in this video, was lulled into a relaxed sleep. We cannot recommend this staff enough, or taking the time out of your day for some serious self care.

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